Revolutionize your hockey performance with the Mental Grit Online Course. Get instant access to proven mindset and energy exercises specifically built for players who want to excel beyond limits... on the ice and off. 

The Mental Grit Method


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Master Your Mind

Tap into the inner-workings of your mind to create a new internal playbook that will defuse fears and embed strength in your psyche. 

Activate Your Energy

Learn how to step into your greatness and channel confidence as a player. Plus, get the best practices for energy recovery & revitalization.

Achieve Your Vision

Adopt genius strategies into your performance and unlock how to actually achieve tough goals. Apply a formula that will make you an MVP.

Get an Inside Look


The Missing Piece to Playing Your Ultimate Game...

You work hard during practice and put your body through rigorous off-ice trainings. Yet still, you can't breakthrough to your next best level. That's because you now need to go beyond the body. The key to unlocking your best game time performance is within the development of your mind and energy. 

The Mental Grit Method

The Mental Grit online training program combines the forces of your mind and your core to make the vision you have for your game time performance a reality.

Through understanding the patterns of your mind and powering up your energy systems, you gain control of the outcome you've been working tirelessly to achieve.

"The mental part of the game is so important and it needs to be trained and developed with as much attention as the other areas of an elite athlete’s game. You have to show up mentally prepared to get the most out of practice and to play your best in a game. To be the best person and athlete you can be, I highly recommend the Mental Grit course."

Peter Lopez, MD
Level 5 USA Hockey Coach

Are You a Mental Grit Elite Athlete?

Mental Grit Athletes are among the 2% of the hockey population who consciously choose to get uncomfortable, act in spite of fear and play without limitations. Do you have what it takes to step into your excellence and push past the boundaries your mind has created?

If You're a Leader...

Mental Grit will give you a variety of leadership methods and tools to share with your team. You'll develop your "MVPs," which will dictate your future decisions and actions as a leader.

If You're an Enforcer...

This program will give you the most powerful practices to amp up your energy, so you can quickly claim your territory, own your opponents  and clear through anything that stands in your way.

If You're an Innovator...

You're always working hard and looking for the next best way to up your game. Mental Grit is built with the most potent mind and energy technologies that most players don't have access to... yet.

"This course is solid stuff! The Mental Grit course can and will help so many players. I love this course for two reasons: A) Everyone who has played the game knows how it's just as much mental as it is physical. I see this training being just as important as lifting weights or practicing your shot. And B) The game of hockey has changed so much and as a player, the pressure is more intense than ever before. We're demanded of extra personal training sessions, power skating, etc. I think this will be huge for all players and it's the answer for anyone who's looking to get that edge."

Matt Grassi
ECHL | Michigan State Hockey Alum

Everything Mind, Energy & Hockey in ONE course.

The Mental Grit online course is the only mindset/energy training built specifically for the hockey player. Featuring 12 training videos, 4 bonus training exercises, 12 downloadable action challenges, 2 audio meditations and over 150 minutes of content... ALL created to be easily understood and applied immediately. 



Say good-bye to the evenings spent replaying what you could have done better. Get access to the most constructive and effective tools that will help you take action to finally get the results for all of the blood, sweat and time you invest in your hockey career.


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