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CHANGE YOUR GAME. CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Mental Grit Online Course Launching May 1, 2018

Hockey is beyond a game of strength, skill and speed. It's a game that requires a stable mindset and ironclad confidence. Just like your physical body needs development and training, your mindset and confidence do, too. This is the missing piece that keeps players from reaching their best game time potential. 

The Mental Grit online course features 3 modules focusing on mindset, confidence and vision development specific to the game of hockey. Within the 12 video trainings and 3 bonus videos, players will learn how to: 

- Relieve performance anxiety
- Reprogram crippling beliefs
- Activate core confidence
- Lead with vision and purpose

Players will transform their gametime performance through belief, true nature and visualization. Get ready to leave anxiety, doubt and fear behind for good. 

An Approach Unlike Any Other

Mental Grit was created for players who struggle with game anxiety and self-doubt. It's also for players who are leaders that want to uplift teammates who may struggle with performance issues. Every single player can benefit from this work.

This training goes deeper than the surface of the mind in order to clear up the negative block at its source, so it will be rewritten within the system, not just temporarily patched up. 

We don't just tell a player to "think differently" but actually empower them with mindset exercises and energetic practices that rewire neural pathways, neutralize the negative mind and activate energy centers.

There's no other mindset program as detailed, informative and hands-on in the hockey industry. 


Like Einstein once said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." No matter how many extra hours you put in on the ice, it's not going to clear up the root issue that's holding you back. Creating permanent positive change in your performance requires a new way of BEING, DOING and then ultimately, HAVING. If you don't learn to master your mind, it will only continue to master YOU. It's time to make a serious shift so your game will finally reflect your hard work, commitment and MENTAL GRIT. You deserve the glory and this training will help you finally get it.

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